Gordon Stone
North Texas Wholesale Sandstone Supplier
Wholesale Sandstone Price List Upon Request. Send an email to: info@texassandstone.com
Gordon Stone Company is a family owned and operated Texas Sandstone Quarry located in Gordon, Texas. The Company and it's employees are dedicated to giving our customers the best product and service from any Sandstone Quarry in Texas.

Proudly serving the entire state of Texas and South Oklahoma
Austin, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Plano, McKinney, Garland, Arlington, Waco, Abilene, Beaumont, Wichita Falls, Lubbock, Oklahoma City, Lawton, OK, and more

The Finest Sandstone Quarry in Texas

Random Builders Sandstone that has a random shape but is 3-5 inches thick so that it fits on a typical “brick ledge” for building walls.

Quarry Chop Sandstone that has been chopped in rectangles that are typically 4”-12” in height but also 3-5 inches thick per above.

Patio StoneTypically this stone is 2.25 inches thick in random sizes. Many customers use this colorful stone for garden patio stepping stones. While this stone is not categorized as flagstone, because all pieces are not as smooth as flagstone, it is a very colorful alternative.

Moss BouldersSurface boulders that have moss growing or has grown previously. These boulders can be as small as volleyballs or as large as a small car.

1-3” Ledge StoneThis is very colorful sandstone that varies in height to 3 inches and typically is 6-12 inches thick. This is a perfect product for walls construction or landscape borders.

Sawn Top & BottomThis product compliments projects that need to have consistent stone height. Usually the heights are in a random ashlar pattern (4”, 6”, 8”) mixed on throughout the customer order. Custom sizes are available with an additional cost.

Thin VeneerRandom Builders, Quarry Chop, 1-3” Ledge Stone, and Sawn Top & Bottom are all available in a 1.5 inch thin cut. This stone is applied just like cultured (manufactured) stone. This product is sold by the square foot for flat surfaces and by the linear foot for corners.